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The Adrian and Joe Show

Hosted ByAdrian Reed & Joe Newbert

The Adrian and Joe Show is for people who want to discover smarter ways to go about managing business analysis and change. Tune in as Joe Newbert, Adrian Reed, and a host of experts give you the strategies and insight you need to start delivering your business analysis ... the right way.

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Business Analysts on the Ground

Hosted ByJoe Newbert & Jéan Raath

Joe Newbert and Jéan Raath talk with a wide spectrum of people who practice business analysis to learn what they do, how they work and their secrets of productivity and creativity. Tune in to hear stories of how great business analysts keep the energy flowing, the project moving, and avoid block.

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One Six Eight​

Time is the ultimate leveller.

Everyone has 168 hours a week. Each of us. No more. No less.

OneSixEight.fm is a network of podcasts about business analysis and about how we can go about business change smarter. About learning better ways, creating more space and making a bigger impact.

We believe business analysts are at the heart of the future. They’re the people who are driving progress. They’re the ones creating enormous positive change in the world.

That’s our big why. That’s why we’re so passionate about business analysis.

The currency of time is real. You can spend it wisely.

Spending time wisely with the OneSixEight FM podcast network

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