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Adrian Reed: Demonstrating the Value of Business Analysis

Adrian Reed and Joe Newbert explore overcoming self-helplessness by showing the appetite to seize opportunities and demonstrating the value of business analysis.

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Angela Wick: Unifying Business Analysis and Artificial Intelligence

Angela Wick and Joe Newbert explore the possibilities and challenges that lie ahead on the path towards unifying business analysis and artificial intelligence.

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Paula Bell: Embracing Humanity with Business Analysis

Paula Bell and Joe Newbert explore the togetherness of people and technology and how business analysts must use their positions and powers to embrace humanity.

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Amorie Van Rooyen: Engaging Stakeholders in Online Collaboration

Amorie Van Rooyen and Joe Newbert explore harnessing the advancement of data, knowledge, and visualisation tools to engage stakeholders in online collaboration.

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Retha De La Porte: Building a Human-Centric Approach

Retha De La Porte and Joe Newbert explore building a human-centric approach as technology changes how organisations work and brings fear to the stakeholders around us.

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Jonathan Hunsley: Professionalisation of the Business Analyst Role

Jonathan Hunsley and Joe Newbert explore the professionalisation of the business analyst role to become skilled in business architecture, business service design, and business analysis.

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Samuel Gazimbi: Extending Your Business Analysis Licence

Samuel Gazimbi and Joe Newbert explore delivering tangible value to extend your business analyst licence and risking to pull up a chair in the C-Suite.

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Fabricio Laguna: Coaching a Business Analysis Culture

Fabricio Laguna and Joe Newbert explore coaching the business analysis mindset to foster a corporate culture and carrying compassion for humans alongside IT.

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Paul Benn: Gaining Diverse Experience to Deliver Value

Paul Benn and Joe Newbert explore the importance of gaining diverse experience to deliver value as a business analyst and the future productisation of business analysis skills.

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Yulia Koserenko: Dreaming About Business Analysis

Yulia Kosarenko and Joe Newbert explore the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence to support business analysis and the need to become a trusted advisor to get new data from the business.

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