Fabricio Laguna: Coaching a Business Analysis Culture

Paul Benn:

Fabricio Laguna: Coaching a Business Analysis Culture

Fabricio Laguna and Joe Newbert explore coaching the business analysis mindset to foster a corporate culture and the importance of carrying compassion for humans alongside IT.

Fabricio is a consultant and trainer known as The Brazilian BA. He loves business analysis and likes to explain complex things in an approachable and charming way.

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Chapter Markers

  • [00:54] Fabricio shares his upbringing from programmer to business analyst
  • [06:52] The ambiguity of roles versus job titles
  • [10:29] Differentiation between specific and abstract business analysts
  • [14:41] Creating a corporate culture of the business analysis mindset 
  • [16:33] Helping people understand the value of business analysis
  • [22:21] Imagining a day in the life of a business analyst in 2035
  • [27:14] Unleashing the power of AI to effect business decisions
  • [31:50] Feeling pain and showing compassion for everybody and everything
  • [31:27] Losing the IT accent and doing business analysis for business
  • [39:45] Interconnectedness between business analysis and change

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Show Notes

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