Paul Benn: Gaining Diverse Experience to Deliver Value

Paul Benn:

Paul Benn: Gaining Diverse Experience to Deliver Value

Paul Benn and Joe Newbert explore the importance of gaining diverse experience to deliver value as a business analyst and the future productisation of business analysis skills.

Paul is a self-employed business analyst. He is passionate about building skills, doing so as a coach, mentor, public speaker and the organiser of the Capability Drive conference.

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Chapter Markers

  • [01:11] Paul's backstory of how he got into business analysis from being an SME
  • [05:07] The evolution of business analysis over the years
  • [08:49] Expanding your knowledge through volunteering
  • [13:45] Business analysts are typecast by a misunderstanding of what it is we do
  • [16:33] Many BAs are not picking up on the rise of AI as they are too close to the business
  • [20:41] How having the breadth of experience lifts up the core skills needed for the job 
  • [23:11] Walking into a room and solving a problem, no matter the problem
  • [27:53] Connecting the dots, including dots that other people don't see
  • [31:27] It's time to drop the Business Analyst title, or is it?
  • [38:41] Shifting to service thinking, finding niches and productising your work

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