Paula Bell: Embracing Humanity with Business Analysis

Paul Benn:

Paula Bell: Embracing Humanity with Business Analysis

Paula Bell and Joe Newbert explore the togetherness of people and technology and how business analysts must use their positions and powers to embrace humanity.

Paula is the CEO of Paula A. Bell Consulting, LLC. She is a business analyst, leadership and career development coach, consultant, speaker and author with 21+ years of diverse experience in corporate America.

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Chapter Markers

  • [01:06] Paula's step-by-step journey to becoming a business analyst
  • [04:59] The mixed bag of the business analysis role back in the day
  • [08:27] Looking forward, looking backwards, and making up trends
  • [13:53] Data analysis strings for the business analyst bow, or not?
  • [15:49] Where business analysis fits vs where business analysts fit 
  • [21:04] AI mastering soft skills and business analysts mastering tech
  • [27:29] Critical mindsets needed for the future business analyst
  • [32:10] Highlighting what diversity, equity, and inclusion is about
  • [41:42] Becoming more aware of the biases that are restricting us
  • [45:21] Being a global citizen and being a part of a bigger community 

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