Retha De La Porte: Building a Human-Centric Approach

Paul Benn:

Retha De La Porte: Building a Human-Centric Approach

Retha De La Porte and Joe Newbert explore building a human-centric approach as technology changes how organisations work and brings fear to the stakeholders around us.

Retha is a business analyst with Momentum Metropolitan. She is a caffeine-addicted CBAP who enjoys career mentoring, blogs on The BA Lab, and volunteers with the IIBA-South Africa Chapter.

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Chapter Markers

  • [00:44] Retha's wake-up call from dreaming of being a Doctor to becoming a business analyst
  • [04:48] Appreciating that methodology and technology will drive the way we work
  • [09:32] Living in a special time where we can lead change to where we want it to be
  • [13:37] Having the choice between being a full-stack BA and a specialised BA 
  • [21:49] Considering sustainability and social responsibility in our solutions 
  • [26:25] Benefits of running a business analysis community of practice
  • [33:01] Remote vs office, and finding strength and building muscle in the new normal
  • [37:38] Not expecting too much change in the day in the life of a BA in 3, 5, or 10 years
  • [40:59] How IP goes missing when we choose not to document what we're doing 
  • [42:21] Making continuous learning and up-skilling a part of your day

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Show Notes

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