S01 E01 Blazing a Trail With Lynn Wilson

08 September 2020

Lynn Wilson on HerBoldStory

Blazing a Trail With Lynn Wilson

Lynn Wilson shares HerBoldStory about blazing her trail and navigating the corporate labyrinth with all the twists, turns and bumps along the way.

In this episode:

  • Starting at the very beginning, taking it way back to high school [00:17]
  • Failing for the first time and the lesson learnt [10:29] 
  • Taking pride in being The Human Shredder to serve others [15:57]
  • Qualifications, academics and elevating to new spaces [28:03]
  • Staying on top of your game by building an accountable network [36:09]
  • Stereotypes, women empowerment and changing the narrative [42:17]
  • Advice for listeners blazing their own trail [47:54]
  • Women Lynn would love to have at her dinner table [50:12]

Listen to the episode below ...

The show notes:

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