S01 E02 Silencing Imposter Syndrome With Candice Hankey

08 October 2020

Candice Hankey on HerBoldStory

Silencing Imposter Syndrome With Candice Hankey

Candice Hankey shares HerBoldStory about how imposter syndrome has shown up on her journey, the discomfort, and tips for kicking it to the curb.

In this episode:

  • Awareness creates choice, choice creates meaning [06:25]
  • Tension and discomfort of feeling like an imposter [12:15] 
  • Stepping away from the feeling of the imposter and owning your space [15:05]
  • Candice's seven steps to curb imposter syndrome [25:11]
  • The shift when surrendering to imposter syndrome [35:36]
  • Women Candice would love to have at her dinner table [40:02]

Listen to the episode below ...

The show notes:

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