S01 E02 Talking Aviation with Adam Parkinson

13 May 2020

Adam Parkinson on Business Analysts on the Ground

Talking Aviation with Adam Parkinson

Business Analysts On The Ground Jéan Raath and Joe Newbert talk with Adam Parkinson about his life, career and being a business consultant in the aviation industry.

In this episode:

  • The background check on Adam [00:58]
  • What's up in air traffic control [07:26]
  • How a typical day looks like for Adam [22:06]
  • What an 18-year old Adam Parkinson would tell himself [25:31]
  • The problem Adam would solve, if he could choose any project [33:22]
  • Phil's Sumption's seeded question to Adam [38:25]
  • Adam's absurd habit [44:24]
  • Adam's quick-fire nine [46:26]
  • Kim Schilling's seeded question, from Adam [50:23]
  • Closing out the episode [51:55]

Listen to the episode below ...

The show notes:

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