Samuel Gazimbi: Extending Your Business Analysis Licence

Paul Benn:

Samuel Gazimbi: Extending Your Business Analysis Licence 

Samuel Gazimbi and Joe Newbert explore delivering tangible value to extend your business analysis licence and risking to pull up a chair in the C-Suite.

Samuel is a business analyst with Assurity Consulting who is passionate about people, ideas and technology. He is the Past President IIBA Zimbabwe Chapter, a friend of Joe Newbert, and other such maverick BA thought leaders.

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Chapter Markers

  • [01:15] Samuel's rise from IT Support to becoming a Business Analyst 
  • [05:17] Casting an eye towards what lies ahead for the business analysis profession
  • [07:45] Finding value in the identity of the business analyst
  • [10:18] Conveying the value of business analysis to ears that don't understand
  • [15:57] Types of skills you have now that will live long into your BA future
  • [20:41] Techniques that AI might assist with in future (or takeover altogether)
  • [23:22] The mindset BAs need to have to build relationships and create value
  • [27:19] Lifting our heads up from what's under our noses to see what's on the horizon
  • [32:23] Taking some risk and ownership with a slice of the C-Suite KPIs
  • [40:58] Exercising fluidity as a business analyst soft-skill in the present moment

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Show Notes

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