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Listen to the Future Business Analyst Podcast with Joe Newbert as he interviews the world’s top business analysts, best-selling authors, and industry experts to explore what’s next on the business analysis horizon.

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Yulia Koserenko: Dreaming About Business Analysis

Yulia Kosarenko and Joe Newbert explore the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence to support business analysis and the need to become a trusted advisor to get new data from the business.

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Christelle Govender: Becoming a Superhero Business Analyst

Christelle Govender and Joe Newbert explore the critical skills and mindsets needed for the future, and shape the essential characteristics of the superhero business analyst .

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Vicky Di Ciacca: Repositioning Our Business Analysis Flex

Vicky Di Ciacca and Joe Newbert explore the difficulties of the past and embrace the challenges of the future to reposition the business analyst role and find its flex.

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Debra Paul: Riding The Fourth Wave of Business Analysis

Debra Paul and Joe Newbert explore the evolution of business analysis, developing a service-oriented and growth mindset, and the key skills for the future business analyst.

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