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HerBoldStory amplifies women’s stories on leadership, career, empowerment and everything in between. Join Inga Davids as she explores the journeys of phenomenal women, stitching together a series of inspiring narratives from corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives and more.  All episodes of HerBoldStory are edited and produced by Rebecca Baatjes.

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S02 E04 Thriving with Genevieve Mannel

In this episode, Genevieve Mannel shares HerBoldStory about her journey, dreaming big and making bold moves.

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S02 E03 Playing Big with Celeste Stewart

In this episode, Celeste Stewart shares HerBoldStory about what it means to play big, getting started and much more.

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S02 E02 Building a Personal Brand with Paula Bell

In this episode, Paula Bell shares HerBoldStory about what it takes to build a personal brand, her lessons learned, and words of encouragement to those looking to do the same.

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S02 E01 Grit, Tenacity, and Swimming Upstream With Shirley Zinn

In this episode, Shirley Zinn shares HerBoldStory of grit and tenacity, drops major gems, and words of encouragement on how to reach your dreams regardless of circumstance.

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S01 E08 Being a Woman of Influence with Pam McElvane

In this episode, Pam McElvane shares HerBoldStory about influencing others, conquering a male-dominated industry, and what the future holds for women.

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S01 E07 Nurturing Networks with Lenore Brander

In this episode, Lenore Brander shares HerBoldStory about the importance of nurturing networks to accelerate career progression.

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S01 E06 Leadership Lessons with Michelle Van Kesteren

In this episode, Michelle Van Kesteren shares HerBoldStory, the leadership lessons, the transformation from leading herself to leading others, and much more.

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S01 E05 Smashing Comfort Zones with Sonwabise Mzinyathi

In this episode, Sonwabise Mzinyathi shares HerBoldStory about smashing comfort zones, where she gets her courage from, and the importance of lifting others.

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S01 E04 Leadership Language with Ellen Fischat

In this episode, Ellen Fischat shares HerBoldStory about the power of language, why the words that we choose matter, and practical tips to make ourselves heard.

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