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HerBoldStory amplifies women’s stories on leadership, career, empowerment and everything in between. Join Inga Davids as she explores the journeys of phenomenal women, stitching together a series of inspiring narratives from corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives and more.  All episodes of HerBoldStory are edited and produced by Rebecca Baatjes.

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S01 E01 Blazing a Trail With Lynn Wilson

In this episode, Lynn Wilson shares HerBoldStory about blazing a trail and navigating the corporate labyrinth with all the twists, turns and bumps along the way.

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S01 E00 Introducing HerBoldStory Podcast with Inga Davids

In this episode, Inga Davids introduces HerBoldStory Podcast, the show amplifying women’s stories on leadership, career, empowerment, and everything in between.

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