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Hosted ByInga Davids

HerBoldStory amplifies women’s stories on leadership, career, empowerment and everything in between. Join Inga Davids as she explores the journeys of phenomenal women, stitching together a series of inspiring narratives from corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives and more.  All episodes of HerBoldStory are edited and produced by Rebecca Baatjes.

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Business Analysts on the Ground

Hosted ByJoe Newbert & Jéan Raath

Business Analysts on the Ground digs into the heart of modern business analysis with the linchpins who practice the magical art. Tune in as Joe Newbert and Jéan Raath check-in with everyday professionals to find out how they keep the energy flowing, the project moving, and avoid block.

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The Adrian and Joe Show

Hosted ByAdrian Reed & Joe Newbert

The Adrian and Joe Show is for people who want to discover smarter ways to go about managing business analysis and change. Tune in as Joe Newbert, Adrian Reed, and a host of experts share the strategies and insight you need to start delivering business analysis… in better ways.

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