The Episode When Angie Doyle Found Her Inner Agile

24 January 2020

S01 E02 The Episode When Angie Doyle Found Her Inner Agile

The Episode When Angie Doyle Found Her Inner Agile

Angie Doyle talks with Adrian Reed and Joe Newbert about how customer collaboration and organisational engagement builds true enterprise business agility.

In this episode:

  • Welcome to the show and a brief recap of what to expect [00:00]
  • Introducing this episode's topic and guest - Business Agility and Angie Doyle [00:34]
  • Touching on the meaning of business/organisational agility and operational agility [03:07]
  • Truly engaging with customers to help them realise value [06:35]
  • Drawing a real line of sight from inside organisations to outside customers [09:07]
  • Flipping the traditional structure of work from hierarchical silos to networked teams [12:10]
  • Considering the changing of the generational guard - Baby Boomer, Gen X, Millennial, Gen Z [16:21]
  • Scaling pockets of organisational agility towards a fluid enterprise framework [18:35]

Listen to the episode below ...

The show notes:

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  • Joe Newbert says:

    That. Was. Good. Thanks for tuning in!

    Some proper insight from Angie Doyle right there.

    And, as always, lot’s dancing around in my head – visions, values, collaboration, structures, behaviours all under the umbrella of massive change – how do you see this playing out?

    What’s your take on taking agile to the business level?

  • >