The Episode When Anna Lundberg Put Our Lives Together

24 July 2022

The Episode When Anna Lundberg Put Our Lives Together

Anna Lundberg talks with Paula Bell & Joe Newbert about the practice of work/life integration to reimagine success and design your best life

In this episode:

  • 0:34 Introducing the topic of work/life integration and episode guest Anna Lundberg 
  • 2:30 How work/life integration works and why it makes sense 
  • 9:16 Squashing the usual-suspect objections to work-life integration
  • 13:39 Must have traits to make work-life integration a success
  • 17:35 Designing your life by redefining success and being intentional 
  • 21:41 Good practices and creative solutions to experiment with work/life integration
  • 24:40 Other work/life integration resources, and where you can connect with Anna 

The Show Notes:

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