The Episode When Grant Wright Sketched It All Out

24 October 2020

Grant Wright on The Adrian and Joe Show

The Episode When Grant Wright Sketched It All Out

Grant Wright talks with Joe Newbert and Adrian Reed about visual thinking, why sketchnoting helps collaboration, and how you can get started.

In this episode:

  • Adrian and Joe draw comparisons with Wayne's World [00:40]
  • Seamlessly segueing into the episode's topic of sketchnoting with Grant Wright [01:34]
  • What got Grant started with sketchnoting and some good places for you to begin [03:11]
  • The value of drawing—compared to text or modelling—and how it helps the thinking process? [07:56]
  • The lowdown on what you need—from hand-drawn, to devices and apps [13:31]
  • The perfect and polished versus the imperfect and raw [16:30]
  •  Selling the benefits of visual thinking to someone else [23:02]
  • The accidental (but obligatory ) season cliff hanger—will there be, or won't there be? [30:58]

Listen to the episode below ...

The Show Notes:

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