The Episode When Nati Nazar Kept Contradicting Herself

24 May 2020

S01 E04 The Episode When Nati Nazar Kept Contradicting Herself

The Episode When Nati Nazar Kept Contradicting Herself

Nati Nazar talks with Adrian Reed and Joe Newbert about the great business analyst contradiction, why it persists and how we can find our way through it.

In this episode:

  • Adrian and Joe discuss the business analyst's identity issues [00:45]
  • Introducing this episode's topic and guest, perspectives of the business analyst role with Nati Nazar [01:47]
  • The inspiration behind and reading of Nati's 'Be a Business Analyst' monologue [03:21]
  • Reasons behind the universal contractions surrounding the business analyst role [06:40]
  • Stakeholders experiencing inconsistency from the many-faced business analyst [10:36]
  • Balancing the divide between the need for quality and the need to get things done [13:39]
  • Convincing people about the value of business analysis through driving the vision [16:45]
  • Realising how global changes drive the role of the business analyst [21:39]

Listen to the episode below ...

The Show Notes:

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  • Joe Newbert says:

    My brain is bouncing left to right after that.

    Nati pointing out the wonderful contradictions that shape how we (and our customers) experience BA life.

    Do you feel twisted and torn by the myriad of perceptions that surround us? How do you work through the business analyst contradiction?

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