The Episode Where Adrian and Joe Kicked Off

24 January 2020

S01 E00 The Episode Where Adrian and Joe Kicked Off

The Episode Where Joe and Adrian Kicked Off

Adrian Reed and Joe Newbert talk about their new adventure into the world of podcasting, what to expect, and riff about business analysis and change stuff.

In this episode:

  • What the show is about [00:25]
  • The story of how The Adrian and Joe Show idea came about [01:19]
  • The ethos of the series and episodes ahead [03:54]
  • The meaning and relevance of the number 168 [05:02]
  • What's next for the business change profession and how we need to change what we do [06:56]
  • Context, complexity and the illusion of methodology [09:38]
  • Blending fundamentals and techniques with new intersections [12:24]
  • Getting involved in the podcast conversations [16:37]
  • The 24 minute episode and the closing bell [19:02]
  • How Adrian became bedazzled by the bright lights of business analysis [20:23]

Listen to the episode below ...

The show notes:

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  • Emily Tom says:

    I love this podcast. I feel like I’ve just joined you for coffee in your living room.

    The 168 (hours) philosophy is very interesting. I’m at middle age now and there are days when I feel like time is slipping through my fingers! But you know, I’m am so grateful to be in the BA profession. It’s an opportunity for me to make a difference (maybe you watched my BA Renaissance in the 4IR webinar). Like anyone, I have ups and downs every day. But when I look at the course of my career so far, I’m happy about how I’ve contributed to the profession. What if 400 years from now, someone doing research on business analysis, they find our names and our work in their Google (or whatever search engine) search they perform? Such a cool thing to consider!

    And I’m happy I spent about 20 minutes listening your podcast. So much fun.



    • Joe Newbert says:

      Yes! Business analysis is an exciting profession – we’re lucky to be in it. Especially in these times of connectivity where we can consume and create like never before.

      (And we’re pleased you found spending some of your precious time listening worthwhile.)

      • Leon McCabe says:

        I thought this was really interesting, especially the illusion of methodology part!

        I think we could learn a lot from designers – Erika Hall is one who I have learnt a lot from, either from her books or podcasts.

        Complexity theory and Dave Snowden’s Cynefin are also topics I’ve begun to play around with in my work, I think someone to speak on that would be fascinating. I’ve found Liz Keogh very engaging on this.

        I’m looking forward to hearing more from your podcast.

        • Joe Newbert says:

          The ‘illusion of methodology’ is a wonderful insight, isn’t it? And yet the common belief that there is a ‘best way every time’ persists, as so much dialogue is aimed at searching for the elixir of approaches.

          And thanks for the topic references – we’ll definitely be taking a look into those, Leon.

  • Joe Newbert says:

    Thanks for tuning in to OneSixEight FM and listening to this episode. And don’t forget to drop a comment to join in this conversation …

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