The Episode Where Anton Oosthuizen Injected Value Into Business Analysis

24 June 2023

The Episode Where Anton Oosthuizen Injected Value into Business Analysis

Anton Oosthuizen talks with Paula Bell & Joe Newbert about dead-end business analysis and the value organisations lose out on.

In this episode:

  • 00:28 Introducing Anton Oosthuizen and the reason for his short bio
  • 01:58 Anton tells us about the problem he sees where BAs feel that they're not BAs
  • 05:35 Why we we sit with this problem and and have so many bis asking this question
  • 10:17 What BA's are doing instead of what they should be doing as BAs
  • 14:09 What the hell is an agile business analyst? 
  • 22:50 Opportunities that organisations are losing out of out by misunderstanding BAs
  • 31:11 Where you can connect with Anton (and what he really thinks about social media) 

The Show Notes:

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