The Episode Where Brennan Jacoby Gave Our Work New Meaning

24 May 2022

The Episode Where Brennan Jacoby Gave Work New Meaning

Dr. Brennan Jacoby talks with Paula Bell & Joe Newbert about finding purpose and making an impact in your job to create more meaningful work

In this episode:

  • 0:38 Introducing the topic of conversation and welcoming Dr. Brennan Jacoby to the pod 
  • 4:55 What it means to have a sense of purpose and meaning in our work
  • 12:43 Finding and aligning external and internal intentions to co-create our purpose
  • 21:41 The awakening to the relevance of personal values in the world of business 
  • 24:56 How familiarity with an idea or an experience sometimes obscures our view of what our purpose actually is
  • 30:28 Useful resources, and where you can connect with Brennan 

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