The Episode Where Paul Burgess Lifted Our Mental Well-Being

24 August 2022

The Episode Where Paul Burgess Lifted Our Mental Well-Being

Paul Burgess talks with Paula Bell & Joe Newbert about the core pillars of mental well-being, spotting warning signs, and building resilience

In this episode:

  • 0:45 Introducing the topic of mental well-being and episode guest Paul Burgess 
  • 4:21 How mental fitness is distinguished from mental health and why is it important we talk about it
  • 9:47 Unpacking the core components or pillars that make up mental fitness
  • 16:48 What are some of the warning signs that we need to be aware of to spot a decline in our wellbeing?
  • 22:24 How you can strengthen your mind and improve your mental fitness 
  • 26:15 Important resources, and where you can connect with Paul 

The Show Notes:

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  • Mary says:

    Love the episode on Mental Wellness. I love the suggestions. I do try to implement those – but in the last few weeks, I have had a couple of those warning signs. So I definitely need to stop and evaluate. Thank you.

    • Joe Newbert says:

      I’m glad Paul’s advice reached you at the right moment, Mary.

      Yes, do pause and check in with yourself – and remember the importance of talking with someone (we’re here via the contact page if you need it).

      Thanks for tuning in, Mary.

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