The Episode Where Paula Bell Breaks It Down

24 June 2020

S01 E05 The Episode Where Paula Bell Chopped Things Up

The Episode Where Paula Bell Breaks It Down

Paula Bell talks with Joe Newbert and Adrian Reed about leadership and breaks down how the martial arts can be applied to the practice of business analysis.

In this episode:

  • Joe and Adrian do their segue thing into the episode topic-leadership [00:39]
  • Introducing Paula Bell and how the BA Martial Artist tag came about [01:41]
  • Talking about the meaning of leadership for business analysts [04:04]
  • Leading and influencing from the frontline to guide stakeholders along the right path [07:42]
  • Similarities between martial arts practice and business analysis practice [11:22]
  • Maturity models, career development and development [16:55]
  • Paula's biggest martial arts learning for business [18:24]
  • Stop believing you are not a leader, stop believing you don't have a voice [21:15]

Listen to the episode below ...

The Show Notes:

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  • Joe Newbert says:

    “Stop believing you’re not a leader,” riffs Paula Bell.

    Stakeholders, practices and tenets – especially the tenets for me, those are powerful. What stood out from the conversation for you?

    And how do you handle yourself and the need to lead on your change projects?

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