The Episode Where Tamien Dysart Got Things Done

24 March 2022

The Episode Where Tamien Dysart Got Things Done

Tamien Dysart talks with Paula Bell & Joe Newbert about getting things done through the 3 P's: prioritisation, productivity, and performance.

In this episode:

  • 1:10 Introducing Tamien Dysart and the episode topic
  • 2:14 Tamien’s advice to be more production at work and in life everyday
  • 7:34 Breaking up the intensity of maximum productivity
  • 11:12 Choosing the project that most needs your attention
  • 14:27 Setting yourself and following through on smart performance targets
  • 18:19 Acknowledging mile markers and wins to maintain motivation
  • 23:04 Protecting your space and learning to focus better
  • 25:39 Where to find Tamien and learn more

The Show Notes:

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