The Episode Which Andrej Guštin Made Personal

24 April 2020

Andrej Gustin on The Adrian and Joe Show

The Episode Which Andrej Guštin Made Personal

Andrej Guštin talks with Joe Newbert and Adrian Reed about the world of business process management and ideates an innovative future of humans and machines.

In this episode:

  • Joe's and Adrian's opening gambit [00:27]
  • Introducing Andrej Guštin and this episode's topic - business process management and innovation [01:19]
  • The backstory of business process management [03:11]
  • Moving past time, cost and quality to two modern dimensions: customer and employee experience [07:22]
  • Using predictive data and adaptive discovery to optimise business processes [09:17]
  • Managing high-impact, low-frequency exceptions and operational risk [11:57]
  • Considering future innovation in business process management [15:27]
  • Complimenting the aspects of human-nature within machine learning [19:49]
  • Preparing for an imagined future ahead of time [21:58]

Listen to the episode below ...

The show notes:

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  • Joe Newbert says:

    Thanks, Andrej, for an intriguing conversation.

    And – apart from being hellbent on Slovenia, trains, whiskies and caves – I’m excited (and a little nervous) about the potential of what’s coming in terms of business process management.

    What did you take away from it?

  • >