The Episode With Christina Lovelock Behaving Badly

24 February 2020

Christina Lovelock on The Adrian and Joe Show

The Episode With Christina Lovelock Behaving Badly

Christina Lovelock talks with Joe Newbert and Adrian Reed about the power of soft-skills, bad business analyst behaviours and what we can do to engage better.

In this episode:

  • The 101 of what happens on the Adrian and Joe Show [00:17]
  • Introducing this weeks topic business analyst behaviours and welcoming Christina Lovelock [00:53]
  • Championing the case for soft skills over knowledge, analytical or technical skills [02:20]
  • Eight bad behaviour pitfalls that business analysts display [05:40]
  • The strengths and weaknesses debate [08:15]
  • How bad BA behaviours can affect our overall success [10:36]
  • Considering the concept of the growth mindset [13:24]
  • Braving the subject of self reflection and performance feedback [14:36]
  • How organisations can help people to make a cultural shift [21:51]

Listen to the episode below ...

The show notes:

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  • Joe Newbert says:

    Thanks for tuning in to this episode – we appreciate you being here!

    What are the bad business analyst habits that you see weighing us down and – most importantly – what is it we can do to remedy them?

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