The Episode With Debra Paul At Your BA Service

24 May 2020

Debra Paul on The Adrian and Joe Show

The Episode With Debra Paul At Your BA Service

Debra Paul talks with Joe Newbert and Adrian Reed about role ambiguity, co-creating value and delivering business analysis as a service.

In this episode:

  • Adrian and Joe do their pod and topic intro orchestration  [00:35]
  • The concept of service, value and what ‘BA service’ is [03:02]
  • Implications of ‘role ambiguity’ and what a BA team can do about it [08:18]
  • A brief outline of the BA Service Framework [14:30]
  • Some advice for people selling business analysis inside their organisations [18:37]
  • The $64,000 thousand dollar question: how is the BA role changing? [13:39]
  • Post-buzzer close out with Debbie [24:04]

Listen to the episode below ...

The Show Notes:

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