The Track Chair Rundown for BA Summit SA 2023

24 October 2023

The Track Chair Rundown for BA Summit SA 2023

Edward Ngubane, Oupa Laka, Christelle Govender, and Shahnaaz Hendricks share the conference theme, tracks, and speakers at BA Summit SA 2023.

In this pop-up pod:

  • 0:20 Introducing the purpose of the pod and welcoming the 2023 track chairs 
  • 1:16 Edward Ngubane explains the thinking behind this years conference theme
  •  5:37 Oupa Laka breaks down the Sustainability Mindset track, its topic and speakers9:30 
  • 9:05 Christelle Govender introduces the Leadership and Collaboration track, its topic and speakers 
  • 12:22 Marks Bruins talks about the Business Analysis Mastery track, its topic and speakers 
  • 14:43 Shahnaaz Hendricks showcases the Maturing Your Practice track, its topic and speakers 
  • 16:56 The track chairs favourite aspects of BA Summit SA conference's gone by 
  • 27:34 Book-ending the conference days with the keynote talks and panel discussion 
  • 37:23 Book your ticket for the business analysis event of the year!  

The Show Notes:

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